Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy National Children's Day!

China is celebrating National Children's Day today. The streets are full of children and their families. Max and Lucy and the rest of the kids staying here at the Victory received presents and candies this morning at breakfast. After breakfast Michael took us and another family to an amusement park. It was rainy and overcast, but still a lot of fun. Lucy received alot of attention from the women and small children. Marc and Max spent time on the lake captaining a small electric boat. Max told Daddy he was Captain Jack Sparrow.

Lucy enjoyed herself at the park, then promptly fell asleep when we boarded the bus. We are noticing a pattern here. It seems movement puts her to sleep. Hope that holds true for our flight back home!

We ate lunch at Lucy's again. It was nice. It poured while we were there and Max had to use the potty. Max is our world traveler and gets the award for the first Vosler to use the squatty potty, twice! Awesome job Max. Sorry, I didn't take pictures of this exciting event! I did take a picture of Capt. Jack Sparrow, who was at our table. Ahh, life is good!

Tonight we be taking a dinner cruise along the Pearl River. That should be fun and I know Max is really looking forward to it.

Last night we ate at a Thai restaurant. It was very yummy! On the way to the restaurant the fashion police nailed Marc. Lucy had a bit too much skin showing and a Chinese woman wagged her finger at Marc and told him to cover Lucy's leg up. Well, that's what we think that's what she was saying. It could have been, "Feed this little girl! She's so tiny!"

Tomorrow is our consulate appointment. This will signal that our trip is coming to an end. It has been a blast, and we are sorry it is almost over, but we are excited to introduce Lucy to everyone back home.